10 x 10 inch Geotextile Grow Bag (Set of 3)

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We at TheWildCat – GeoTex Garden are delighted to bring to you  GrowBags in various sizes.

Made of recycled geotextile from waste cloth fibres, we aim to reduce polyester pollution and also target global warming at the same time by growing plants in these.

This project is very close to our heart and an important step towards doing our bit for the environment today.

Grow your plants in these ecofriendly growbags and see excellent growth in them.

 Ideal for veggies/flowering plants, these bags provide lots of growing space. They are long lasting and have a life of minimum 7 years. Made of 1000 gsm these are 5mm thick , and the grow bags maintain shape and also do not let water and nutrients leach out immediately as compared to grow bags of thinner material. Please read below in the description why 1000 gsm bags are needed and are the best option for gardening.

We also make customized sizes for homes as well as corporate orders etc, so do contact us for any further queries.

Size: 10 inch diameter x 10 inch height

3 pieces included


WHY are we making 1000 gsm growbags?

After much Research and Trials, we have observed the benefits mentioned below of using 1000 gsm containers for plants :

    • Do you need to fertilise more often in thinner growbags?
      Yes, In Thinner grow bags, the water drains out from the sides carrying away the nutrients of the soil. So one needs to add fertilisers more often. Our Geotex growbag material allows the soil to soak the water, so water won’t escape while the plant’s roots are still absorbing it and the nutrients do not drain out. Excess water drains out from the bottom like a regular pot. So you need not fertilise as often.


    • 1000 gsm growbags by Geotex Garden provide all the benefits of an earthen pot And MORE to your plant. Just like an earthen pot is porous, our bags are breathable , but at the same time, the thick 5mm material does not let the soil dry up quickly and helps in retaining moisture. This helps plants to survive in our growbags on the terrace in the summer heat in dry climates. In thinner grow bags the soil dries up quickly in summers.


  • Reducing carbon footprint
    An Ecofriendly Innovation by TheWildCat –GeoTex Garden , we strive to handle the problem of textile pollution and at the same time sequester carbon and release oxygen by growing plants in our recycled growbags !A TRUCK full of textile reaches the landfills every second.  A country produces 11 million tonnes of textile waste every year!Making plastic / cement/ ceramic pots is a lot more energy intensive than the recycled textile growbags.1 kg of our growbag = 1 kg of textile and plastic waste used.

    We do not add chemical dyes to the material to make it green, brown or red in color, threads of various random shades in our growbags are proof that it is recycled.

    Why is 1000 gsm growbag NOT Available Commonly in the market?

    Stiching a 1000 gsm growbag requires special machine settings along with A LOT MORE effort, time and skill by the tailor. Karigars need to be trained for this specially and we are grateful to our workers for their dedicated hard work.

    It is a lot easier and quicker and therefore cheaper for sellers to stitch thinner growbags in larger quantities. This is the reason thinner growbags are available online in large quantities whereas 1000 gsm are not.


    Today we are the only manufacturers of growbags from this recycled material and we are striving to create an awareness about it. The genuine feedback by word of mouth of our buyers helps us keep up the good work.

We deliver the best 5mm thick and durable quality of grow bags at the same price of 500 gsm growbags in the market.

We also make customized sizes for homes as well as corporate orders etc, so do contact us for any further queries.

Size: 10 inch diameter x 10 inch height


The benefits of geotextile are:

  • Made from recycled textile waste
  • Geotextile Fabric allows roots to breathe, maximum airflow throughout the soil and root system.
  • Boosts plant growth and yields
  • Geotextile Fabric pots offer better drainage
  • Geotextile Pots are washable and reusable, light weight, highly durable lasting many years.
  • Keeps plants warmer in winter and cooler in summer
  • Prevents root from circling
  • Creates improved overall root structure
  • No more overwatering or root rot because excess moisture easily evaporates and drains away.


Only Planter included Not the Plant.


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