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A TRUCK full of textile reaches the landflls every second.
Is there a Solution ?
We Recycle and Upcycle Textile into GROWBAGS

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Benefits of TheWildCat growbags

  • Our Growbags maintain a Firm, Erect shape due to the Sturdy 5mm thick, High Load Bearing inner material and they Do Not Sag.
  • TheWildCat growbags are a Better option than Ceramic , Plastic or Cement pots.
  • Breathable : allow roots to breathe.
  • Prevent root circling. Easy drainage of water, no more root rot.
  • Boosts plant growth and yields
  • Reusable : washable and reusable, light weight, highly durable lasting 7 YEARS. Fold and store for future use.

Our latest items

In Thinner grow bags, Soil dries up quickly in summer. That is why we make grow bags with double thickness 1000 GSM, our thick material helps the soil retain moisture for longer periods which helps the plant survive the intense summer heat on the terrace.

Yes, In Thinner grow bags, the water drains out from the sides carrying away the nutrients of the soil. So one needs to add fertilisers more often.

Our growbag material allows the soil to soak the water, so water won’t escape while the plant’s roots are still absorbing it and the nutrients do not drain out. Only if the water is in excess, it drains out from the bottom. So you need not fertilise as often.

1 kg of Planter = 1 kg of textile and plastic waste used.

At TheWildCat we have introduced many creative and innovative gardening solutions which are efficient and functional and make gardening a lot more fun!

We do not add chemical dyes to the material to make it green, brown or red in color, threads of various random shades in our growbags are proof that it is recycled.

Today we are the only manufacturers of growbags from this recycled material and we are striving to create an awareness about it. The genuine feedback by word of mouth of our buyers helps us keep up the good work

An Ecofriendly Innovation by TheWildCat , we strive to handle the problem of textile pollution and at the same time sequester carbon and release oxygen by growing plants in our recycled growbags !

Making plastic / cement/ ceramic pots is a lot more energy intensive than the recycled textile growbags. 

Real talk from our real customers

We are happy to help in case of any queries, come join our community, message us at 9810108013.

Buy linings from us and Grow in beautiful cane baskets!

  • Large cane baskets can be used to grow saplings or plants .
  • This provides a great opportunity and jobs for village handicraft.
  • Fibreplastic liners / cement pots of this size are very expensive.
  • Cane baskets are light , cheap and ecofriendly to use and they look amazing as well.

– With LOVE from Ekata Bobde 🙂
Proprietor TheWildCat

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Our most popular products


Exclusive and Original Designs ,  that you will find ONLY on TheWildCat.

We were the First to introduce pipe support in vegetable beds and you will find many more exciting innovations updated on our page regularly!

No compromises when it comes to materials, quality…scroll below to see some exciting innovations!


Growbags made by TheWildCat Gardening Solutions are the best as they are 1000gsm , 5mm thick. They do not leach nutrients along with water from the sides, do not dry up quickly in summer. They are made from 100% recycled textile and plastic and are available at the best price in the market today.

Ecofriendly Growbags made by TheWildCat last for 7 years and more.

A drain mat can be placed under the growbag or it could be placed on a stand or on top of bricks as well

Yes, TheWildCat grow bags which can be used for compost come with a lid. The bags make excellent compost as they are breathable and within 45 days the compost is ready . They also make excellent vermicompost as the mixture never gets too wet and the worms thrive.

Yes , At TheWildCat we make containers from recycled textile in all shapes and sizes for direct planting. These are available in the Plain Growbag section. Please see this link for some videos and reels of our products.

The pot covers by TheWildCat with colorful fabric on top are only to be used as planters.

Solution 1 :

Use a mixture of 2 spoons baking soda and 1 spoon dish washing liquid and 4 spoons of water in a spray bottle and spray it on the porions of the mould /stain. Let it sit for 5 mins and then scrub with a soft brush. Rinse with clean water spray.

Do not over water the plant.

Solution 2 :

Spray a mix of home made citrus bioenzyme and water on the algae and use a soft brush to scrub. Rinse with water. You may have to repeat after 2 days, if the algae is too thick .