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Why to plant bamboo ?

India emitted 1.9 tonnes of CO2 per head of population in 2019.

  • If each person plants 3 or 5 tubs in/around his house he can be carbon neutral.
  • Infosys has planted 35,000 Beema Bamboo plants in all the branches all over India
  • As per the intimation of Pollution Control Board the JSW Steel, Salem purchased 3500 Beema Bamboo plants and planted it in and around the campus to reduce the Air Pollution.
  • Wipro campus in Bangalore purchased around 3,500 plants and planted it in their campus.
  • The TCS has purchased and planted Beema Bamboo plants in their Cochin campus

Their main concern was to reduce the Air Pollution and make the company Carbon Neutral.

  • We must draw inspiration from these corporates and plant bamboo in our Homes as well!

What happens when bamboo is grown in :

-homes on terraces/garden/along driveway,

– in parks , along boundaries

– in corpporate rooftops or premises

-roadsides/ pavements, where ever possible

Each plant from 3rd.year onward starts generating over 300 kg.of oxygen every year, that is sufficient for one person for a whole year and absorbs 400 to 420 kg of Carbon dioxide from atmosphere per year.

It will give a sense of emotional and physical well being , sense of responsibilty, creating a collective movement, automatically generating interest in using bamboo products as an alternative to plastic. This will raise demand for bamboo and people will cultivate more bamboo on farms as well.

TheWildCat Bamboo Plantation Movement

At TheWildCat , we have started  a movement to create awareness on bamboo plantation in recycled pots on as many terraces as possible.

Lets spread the message that ‘We Can Grow Bamboo Anywhere’ without worry of uncontrolled spreading.

We invite you to come join us in this cause, together we can make a huge difference in our environment. We can become carbon neutral by  growing bamboo wherever possible, within our homes and societies (on rooftop or along boundaries).

We make tubs of size 24inch long x 18 inch wide x 18 inch tall , we also make circular shape container of 24 inch diameter x 18 inch height. These are perfect to grow bamboo plants on the terraces and form a beautiful privacy screen as well.

We are providing these large ecofriendly containers at subsidised rates , starting from Rs.550/-

Other added benefits of Bamboo Plantation :

  • Integrating MSME bamboo industry with this movement. A lot of biomass will be created for bamboo industry (biocomposite boards,products etc)
  • Today all types of furniture is made from the boards created from bamboo plant. The entire plant is used to form these boards and this will prevent trees from being chopped for wood. We can grow these plants on terraces and provide them to local processing units.
  • No part of a bamboo plant goes waste, its leaves are excellent to improve soil quality and for mulching.
  • Biomass will be generated for ethanol and can be integrated with those companies for processing.
  • Locals can also provide healthy free fodder to cow sheds in or around cities , so cows don’t feed on plastic, and milk quality/industry is improved.
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