Fat Pudgy Bean Sprouts

Hello everyone! How are you doing today?

Mommies have too many things to do and daddies are busy too, so as kids, let’s decide to create some superfood for everyone in the family! Yesss… why not ? You can take charge of growing micro greens and give a super boost to everyone’s health and immunity at home.

We will begin with fat pudgy bean sprouts! (It’s just too cute calling them that)

Grown a bit differently than the normal sprouts, we use the same green mung dal to make these fat pudgy ones. They are real crunchy and yummm.

Your mom is going to absolutely love using them in her dishes, so why not surprise her with these.

Or you could just toss in some olive oil and oyster sauce, chilli sauce and spring onions for a surprise salad for everyone.


There are many techniques online but we are adding a link to one we found the easiest.


You can start with one small cup of sprouts, don’t finish off all the green mung dal in the house 😀

Look at the pic of day 3, we’ve grown them and they could’ ve been longer but we couldn’t resist gobbling them up. Well maybe you can wait a day longer and send us some pics of your amazing sprouts.

We shall add them to our forums and blogs.

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See you soon in our next blog. Hugs! : )

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