Welcome to TheWildCat Creative Studio.

Our innovations in gardening : Planters Growbags , Hangers made from 100% recycled textile waste, help bring down the textile waste pollution.

  • We create excellent alternatives that will help lead an ecofriendly and sustainable lifestyle , reducing our carbon footprint.
  • 1.3 BILLION tonnes of fabric waste is generated globally. The recent fashion trends using rayon, polyester, and synthetic take hundreds of years to decompose as they are a form of plastic.
  • 85 percent Textile waste ends up in landfills or is incinerated , polluting the city’s water, soil, and air.

So we decided to Recycle the segregated Waste Textile(katran/garments/factory textile waste) to make a thick Nonwoven Material (1000 gsm) and then stitch this to make Beautiful GrowBags, Planters, Pot Covers in Various Shapes and Sizes. Today we are the only manufacturers who are making grow bags from this material. We do not add chemical dyes to the material to make it green, brown or red in color, you will be able to see threads of various random shades in our growbags which is proof that it is recycled.

You can help us by spreading the word about our cause and what we’re doing. Together we can do our bit for the environment.


TheWildCat Growbags

TheWildCat Gardening Team has researched and developed a fantastic range of growbags in all Shapes and Sizes.

We guarantee that our growbags are beneficial in the following ways:.

For Summer: All nonwoven textile grow bags are breathable but because of this aeration, In Thinner grow bags we noticed that the Soil dries up quickly in summer. That is why we decided to produce grow bags with double thickness that is 1000 GSM, our thick material is breathable but also helps the soil retain moisture for longer periods which helps the plant survive the intense summer heat on the terrace.

Monsoons : In the monsoons, the rain makes HDPE grow bags and other pots waterlogged, making the soil mushy.
Once our growbag material is soaked in the Rain, the excess water will drain out from the sides.

Regular watering : In Thinner grow bags, the water drains out from the sides carrying away the nutrients of the soil. So one needs to add fertilisers more often.
Our growbag material allows the soil to soak the water, so water won’t escape while the plant’s roots are still absorbing it and the nutrients do not drain out.

After lots of research and experimentation, we decided to make our material with certain specifications, to allow for maximum effectiveness, and contain all the best qualities for every season of growing ,to help the plant thrive.
Most importantly WE USE 100 % Recycled Textile and Plastic..

By using TheWildCat GrowBags, you will be doing your small part to help save our world and keep Earth green! Manufacturing pots of plastic / ceramic is more energy intensive, which ultimately increases the carbon emissions. Our Growbags are less energy intensive to manufacture and we therefore bring down the carbon emissions. At the same time we use up the excess textile that is generated ,preventing pollution.


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Which is the best Growbag?

Growbags made by TheWildCat Gardening Solutions are the best as they are 1000gsm , 5mm thick. They do not leach nutrients along with water from the sides, do not dry up quickly in summer. They are made from 100% recycled textile and plastic and are available at the best price in the market today.

How long do grow bags last?

Ecofriendly Growbags made by TheWildCat last for 7 years and more.

What do you put under grow bags?

A drain mat can be placed under the growbag or it could be placed on a stand or on top of bricks as well

Can you use Growbag as compost?

Yes, TheWildCat grow bags which can be used for compost come with a lid. The bags make excellent compost as they are breathable and within 45 days the compost is ready . They also make excellent vermicompost as the mixture never gets too wet and the worms thrive.

Q. How are these Geotextile pots used ? Can we plant directly in them?

Ans. Please see this video for a demo of the pots in use, yes you can directly plant in them.

Q . What is the life of these pots?

Ans. 5 to 7 years.

Q. What to do once they start looking old ?

Ans. This is exciting !! Give a Brand New Look to your old  geotextile pot by coating with Geru and see it look all renewed and fresh.

Q. How to get rid of algae /mold growing on the growbag?

Ans. Solution 1 :

Use a mixture of 2 spoons baking soda and 1 spoon dish washing liquid and 4 spoons of water in a spray bottle and spray it on the porions of the mould /stain. Let it sit for 5 mins and then scrub with a soft brush. Rinse with clean water spray.

Do not over water the plant.

Solution 2 :

Spray a mix of home made citrus bioenzyme and water on the algae and use a soft brush to scrub. Rinse with water. You may have to repeat after 2 days, if the algae is too thick .